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Mazda Warranty Quote

Mazda is known for making great vehicles that are built to last. And yet even the best Mazda risks breaking down, which is why it’s so important to have a warranty in place that will adequately protect your car and, therefore, your lifestyle.

This is where we at MotorEasy excel. Our straightforward process will give you a quick quote and help you find the highest level of vehicle protection at the lowest price. You shouldn’t be without protection if you plan on keeping your car past the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty, and we can make sure you’re getting the best with your available budget.


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Why do I need a Mazda warranty?

Mazda’s slogan is ‘Driving Matters’. And they couldn’t be more right! Getting around reliably and on your own terms is what owning a car’s all about, and with Mazda, you can definitely expect a level of craftsmanship that’s largely unparalleled. However, these cars sometimes develop unexpected problems, which is what a warranty is for.

Drivers need this safety net, so they don’t have to shell out hundreds, maybe even thousands of pounds if and when their vehicle breaks down. Should something go wrong, MotorEasy will foot the bill for these key repairs protected by your warranty (providing you already have a Mazda warranty in place with us).

Of course, you can relax in the knowledge that MotorEasy offers warranties that give you complete peace of mind as well as newfound confidence in your Mazda. By selecting the right coverage, you’ll have more time to enjoy yourself driving like a pro, mile after mile.


Mazda Warranty Comparison: Average MotorEasy Quotes vs Manufacturer Comprehensive Warranty

As of January 2021, MotorEasy has researched the average price of a Mazda extended car warranty, and compared it with the MotorEasy equivalent to find which warranty is better value for money. The following quotes are average prices based on a MotorEasy Plan A warranty and Mazda extended warranty (including roadside assistance) with £0 excess. Prices and savings correct as of January 2021.

ModelAge (Years)MotorEasy WarrantyMazda WarrantySaving
6 D SE-L NAV3£470£508£38
6 D SE-L NAV4£492£508£16
6 D Sport6£466£508£42
2 D SE-L NAV5£399£432£33
CX-3 SE-L NAV3£428£508£40
CX-3 D Sport NAV4£399£423£33
CX-5 D Sport NAV3£468£508£40
CX-5 D SE-L Nav4£470£508£38

On average, a MotorEasy car warranty could save you over £40 than going to the manufacturer directly. These prices also don’t consider MotorEasy discounts or promotions, so the savings could be even more substantial.


What’s covered with my Mazda warranty?

From our same-day authorisation to our network of 10,000 garages nationwide, you can say goodbye to repair hassle knowing that we’ve got your back.

We take our time to ensure our customers have the best warranty buying experience, whether it’s for a used car or extending a manufacturer’s services. Every policy we offer covers your vehicle wherever you are in the EU for up to 60 days. So, no matter where you’re driving on the continent, you’ll be able to contact our team for professional help and advice should anything unexpected happen on the road.

And if there are problems with your car relating to wear and tear, we can help with that too, going above and beyond your original Mazda agreement.

With our 24-hour online booking and tracking of repairs, you’ll also be able to monitor the entire process effortlessly. As long as you have a Mazda warranty with MotorEasy, you’ll get your money’s worth.


How can I get a quote?

If you’re looking for a new warranty to go with your Mazda, it’s certainly easy to get one from MotorEasy. Start by visiting our quote page. You’ll need to make sure your registration number is accurate and that all the other details you give us are up to date. With that, we’ll provide the Mazda warranty you’ve always wanted!

If you’d much rather speak to us on the phone, please feel free to do so by using the details located in the top right-hand corner of the homepage. Calls are free and we’ll be happy to assist you with professional decision-making guidance.


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Recent Paid Repairs: Mazda

Safe, reliable and always delivering its best performance, it’s no wonder you love your Mazda! Still, always good to be prepared, eh? – just in case something goes wrong further down the line. To see how much common repairs for Mazda models cost, check out our case studies below:

  • CX-7: Recently, we completed a job that involved replacing the diesel injectors in one of these car's. This led to an eye-wateringly expensive repair totalling £7,822.37! Fortunately, the owner’s Mazda warranty with MotorEasy includes the cost of both parts, labour and diagnosis, meaning no need to worry about the financial side of things when there is so much else going on.
  • Mazda6: On a different occasion, we repaired the automatic transmission in this mid-size vehicle, which totted up to just over £3,000. Paying such high bills can drain you of your savings and peace of mind; however, with a Mazda warranty from MotorEasy, you can relax knowing that the money side of things is properly handled.
  • A lot of Mazda repairs end up costing in the thousands. From replacing the compressor in a B2-50 (£1,190.03) to fixing the bearing cap on an MX-5 (£2,640), it’s not cheap to put these cars right if and when the unexpected occurs. Be sure to take out a Mazda warranty with MotorEasy and save yourself the burden of picking up such hefty bills.
  • CX-5: Installing a brand-new turbocharger in one of these models could have cost the owner £1,426.98. A Mazda warranty with MotorEasy protects against unexpected repair costs like this, giving you complete peace of mind.
  • Mazda3: Work on the clutch plate in this type of Mazda can be pricey; one owner nearly ended up having to pay £642.88 to get it fixed. Fortunately, our Mazda warranty safeguarded them against this unexpected repair cost, so they can enjoy driving their car to the full.