History & Future


MotorEasy was founded on a pioneering principle that persists today.

  • When Duncan McClure Fisher launched MotorEasy's predecessor Warranty Direct back in 1997, it was one of the first companies to offer a direct to customer (D2C) car warranty. Prior to that, warranties were only available via car dealers, when a car buyer purchases a new or second-hand car.
  • His aim at the time was to cut out the middleman, enabling warranties to be sold at a lower price, with a higher level of cover protection. He also wanted to give used car owners the same kind of protection and worry-free motoring available to new car owners.
  • The subsequent launch of MotorEasy in 2016 saw Duncan his business model away from warranties, offering a suite of value-driven protection products and resources to reduce the stress and costs of motoring.


Warranty Direct

Duncan McClure Fisher and his father, David set up Warranty Direct only direct to consumer warranty company.


New Location

Warranty Direct moved to Broad Street Mall in Reading, and was subsequently sold to the French bank, BNP Paribas.



Duncan left Warranty Direct and after a few years, came back to the industry with bigger and better ideas.



Duncan set up MotorEasy with the aim to provide vehicle owners a simple and hassle-free online platform to manage and protect their vehicle. Consequently, MotorEasy launched Health Checks in order to provide wear and tear cover from day one unlike any other warranty company in the UK.


Warranty Assist, the online dealer warranty platform was acquired and our long-term sponsorship of driving entertainment on Dave.


Youtube Video

We launched our first TV advert, based around running your car, the smart way. Smart and Easy Car Warranties with MotorEasy


Charity Africa

We worked with the Kenyan government to build 4 classes in a primary school over 2 years the charity Build Africa.

MotorEasy teamed up with Haynes Manuals to create the world first Parts Only Warranty.

Teaming up with Haynes Manuals led us to creating worlds first Parts Only warranty.


Whatcar SponsorShip

MotorEasy acquired Motokiki, the comparison website designed to help customers find the right tyres from local garages at the best prices.
MotorEasy teamed up with What Car? For the What Car? Car of the Year Awards.



Intelligent Motoring was created which is made up of our core businesses, MotorEasy, Motor Angel, Warranty Assist and Motokiki.
We reached over half a million members and over 6000 TrustPilot reviews!


Whatcar SponsorShip

MotorEasy partnered with What Car? for the second time to sponsor the What Car? Car of the Year Awards


  • In so many ways, MotorEasy has a ringside seat on the dynamic and seismic shifts impacting the automotive industry. With every car uploaded and managed via our platform, we've witnessed the trend towards electric vehicles and the new technologies shaping people's relationship with cars.

    Every Month we prod a monthly index of car reliability, detailing the costs and frequency of car repairs passing through our workshops. Our data gives us near real-time insights on every major make and model available in the UK today, the real cost of ownership, the real index of brand loyalty and trust.
  • Our data also gives us a unique insight into the psychology of car owners. How often they service their vehicle, how often they switch cars, when they'll need a new set of tyres, brake pads or wipers.

    As MotorEasy evolves in tandem with the automotive industry, we're a new breed of CarTech business, one focused on data. More than that we're a data-company connected to real people whatever they choose to drive. A company focused on customer service, responsively and dynamically adjusting to changing needs.

    As we look ahead at our product roadmap, we see MotorEasy and our products as a more personalised force. One that is tailored to driver needs, delivering premium and standard services to offer choice, value and trusted products.