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Peugeot Warranty Quote

Starting life as a coffee mill manufacturer, developing grinders and the like, French automobile giant Peugeot has grown into a very popular motoring brand across the Channel. In fact, Peugeot now holds the title of second largest automaker in the whole of Europe, and it’s easy to see why: highly practical and often cost-effective to run, these cars are ideal for everyday life. And as a Peugeot owner, you’d be wise to protect yourself as well as your car with a comprehensive warranty from MotorEasy.

Taking out a Peugeot warranty with us promises greater flexibility, more peace of mind, and an opportunity to get extra value from your coverage. Even our most basic level of protection affords you a lot of control, with no burden on your bank account. One thing’s for certain: you can trust MotorEasy to provide the warranty you need.

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Why do I need a warranty for my Peugeot?

Whether yours is a new or pre-owned model, it’s crucial that you take out a Peugeot warranty before enjoying yourself on the open road. Considering how sudden mechanical/electrical failures can be expensive, it’d be prudent to plan accordingly. At the end of the day, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If your Peugeot breaks down unexpectedly, you’ll likely be left without a reliable ride, not to mention costly repair bills. As such, you may wish to think about how you can minimise risks and have a backup plan in case things go wrong.

At MotorEasy, our comprehensive coverage comes with no hidden costs, so you get peace of mind financially. Rest assured you and your Peugeot are well protected here.


What’s covered with MotorEasy?

Whatever type of Peugeot warranty you’re looking for, with MotorEasy you can fully enjoy your car knowing that all the necessary things are taken care of.

We make every effort to streamline the entire purchasing process with speedy, same-day extended warranty authorisation. And when you need to access our services, you can do so quickly and easily via our user-friendly account area. We also offer 24/7 online booking to every one of our customers; no matter the time of day, you’ll be able to schedule your car in for repairs.

Should your car incur any damage due to wear and tear, we’ll be there to help with that too, going above and beyond the original Peugeot manufacturer’s warranty.

With our wealth of benefits, you’re covered for any outing on the open road in your Peugeot. Let MotorEasy handle the warranty side of things while you get about the important business of enjoying the drive.


Can I get a Peugeot warranty quote?

Yes, of course! For a free Peugeot warranty quote, visit our quote page. You’ll be asked to fill in your registration number. This is enough to get you started giving us the info we need for accurate estimates.

After supplying the necessary details, your quote will appear for confirmation in a matter of moments.

As an alternative, you’re more than welcome to give us a call on freephone 0800 131 0001 to find out which Peugeot warranty is right for you before finalising – we’d be delighted to talk things through and point you in the best direction for your circumstances.


Recent Paid Repairs: Peugeot

Despite being the perfect day-to-day car for people who want a bit of everything, your Peugeot can end up costing more than just money if something goes wrong with it unexpectedly. To help you get your head around common Peugeot repair costs, we’ve put together the following guide:

  • 207: Recently, the rack-and-pinion mechanism in two separate 207s needed restoring. One that came in totalled £1,515.29, the other £1,165.20. It’s best for both your car and your bank balance if you take out a comprehensive Peugeot warranty with MotorEasy, to avoid such heavy financial burdens.
  • 3008: We do tend to see a lot of gearbox-related issues in this kind of car. For instance, problems with the control unit of one model meant the owner was charged £1,851 to put right. Fortunately, a comprehensive warranty with MotorEasy ensures you’re properly covered if something like this goes wrong with your car.
  • 308: Replacing the turbocharger is a common repair we need to make to this particular model. We recently saw a repair for £654, which may not sound like much at face value, but it's an expense you definitely don't need. Save yourself the hassle and the cash by taking out a comprehensive Peugeot warranty with MotorEasy that’ll safeguard your car against unexpected repair costs such as these.
  • 5008: On one occasion, the clutch in two separate 5008s needed work. The cheapest was £702.98, while the most expensive came to £1,547.05. To protect both your car and your bank balance, take out a comprehensive Peugeot warranty with MotorEasy.
  • 4007: In this kind of car, we tend to see a lot of shaft-related faults. For example, restoring the crankshaft rear seal in one model meant the owner was charged £750. A comprehensive Peugeot warranty with MotorEasy properly covers you and your car if something like this goes wrong.
  • RCZ: A common repair we make to this particular model is the cylinder head gasket. One ended up costing £888, which is an expense you don't want. By taking out a comprehensive Peugeot warranty with MotorEasy, you’ll safeguard your car against unexpected repair costs.