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Jeep Warranty Quote

Jeep is all about reliability, durability, and longevity. Built to survive in harsh terrain, this is one of the most durable vehicles on the market today. A part of Chrysler since 1987, Jeep's current product range consists solely of SUVs and off-road vehicles but has also included pickup trucks and roadsters in the past; Jeep returned to the pickup truck market in early 2019. If you want quality, Jeep is the way to go.

However, despite being well-equipped to deal with the world’s most exacting landscapes, Jeeps can still have things go wrong with them. And often, they’re quite expensive to repair, owing to their robust design. If you need to safeguard your Jeep against the things a life on (and off) the road can throw at it, be sure to take out a warranty plan with MotorEasy.

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Why do I need a warranty for my Jeep?

A behemoth of modern technology, designed for powerful performance and hassle-free driving, we’re in no doubt that you love your Jeep. But these quality cars can soon turn cumbersome if something unexpected happens under the bonnet. You need to know you can get help quickly, and we’re there to come through.

A Jeep manufacturer’s warranty typically lasts for three years or until your vehicle has reached 60,000 miles, but once it runs out, your car is left unprotected against mechanical and electrical faults. Taking out an extended Jeep warranty is especially useful, as older vehicles are potentially more susceptible to various faults. Because our warranty covers you against possible costs – helping with recovery, consequential damage and much more – you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’re in good hands.


What’s covered with MotorEasy?

At MotorEasy, we’re committed to getting you the best warranty possible for your Jeep.

All our plans include mechanical and electrical fault coverage as standard, and we even offer protection against general wear and tear – a service not currently extended by the official Jeep manufacturer’s warranty.

Unexpected repairs in Europe is part of our remit, too. If your car fails while you’re driving in the European Union (with a travel limit of up to 60 days), we’ll be able to help get you back on the road.

Our highly trained engineers monitor all bookings to offer you first-rate repairs, and we can even offer 24-hour online bookings and online repair tracking, so you’re always supported in some way, shape or form. MotorEasy is all about quality, and it’s our mission to help you out as much as we can if your car develops an unexpected fault.


Can I get a free quote?

Yes! Simply visit our quote page, where you’ll be asked to fill in certain details about your vehicle, including mileage, MOT expiry date and the registration number. Afterwards, enter your personal details and you’ll receive a free Jeep warranty quote.

Alternatively, you can call us on freephone 0800 131 0001 or live chat with a member of our team should you require further support. At MotorEasy, we believe in going above and beyond for our customers, every step of the way.


Recent Paid Repairs for Jeeps

Jeeps may be sturdy, reliable vehicles most of the time, but that does not make them immune to mechanical or electrical failure. Check out our guide for insight into the most common repairs associated with Jeep models:

  • Cherokee: In our experience, the hydraulics are a frequent issue for owners of this type of car. For instance, two Cherokees came in needing their valve blocks replacing, which came to £556.46 and £882.91, both very expensive sums. Take costs like these off the table when you obtain a Jeep warranty from MotorEasy that covers these kinds of failures.
  • Grand Cherokee: We’ve repaired several alternators on this model of car, with bills costing more than £500! The expense is one you simply don’t need to deal with as a motorist, and if you take out a Jeep warranty with MotorEasy, you won’t have to.
  • Wrangler: We tend to find ourselves fixing the steering box in this car quite a lot. One repair could have cost the owner £488.82, a hefty sum considering it came completely out of the blue. Save yourself time, money and hassle with a comprehensive Jeep warranty from MotorEasy.
  • Compass: A common repair we do to this type of car related to the internal bearings. We recently replaced one set for £969.60, which came as quite a shock to the owner had they not have been with MotorEasy. Eliminate unexpected repair costs by obtaining a comprehensive Jeep warranty with MotorEasy.
  • Patriot: When the dual mass flywheel needed replacing in one of these cars, it could have been an expensive repair for the owner. At the time, we picked up the bill for £1,381.92, including diagnostics, parts and labour. It’s costs like these that motorists simply don’t need, which is why taking out a Jeep warranty with MotorEasy is such a good idea.